Project Description

Beetles are among the most successful animal groups on earth. More than 350,000 species of beetles have been discovered and described by scientists – that’s one out of every 5 species known on earth! The success of beetles can be attributed to their remarkable adaptions to every imaginable environment.  Learn about this fascinating group of animals, meet live beetles, and learn about their incredible diversity.

Adaptable to suit all grade levels.  The Beautiful Beetles class is perfect for introducing the following California State Science Standards:

  • Grade K: Similarities and differences among animals
  • Grade 1: Animal adaptations
  • Grade 2: Animal life cycles
  • Grade 7: Animal evolution

Featured Live Arthropods:

  • Bess Beetle
  • Scarab Beetle Larva
  • Death Feigning Beetle
  • Ironclad Beetles
  • Christmas Beetle
  • Snail-Eater Beetle
  • Fuzzy Darkling Beetle