Virtual Classes

$50 per 30 minutes

Beetlelady is now offering live virtual classes for schools, learning pods, libraries, and anyone who is bug-curious. Classes come to you live from my buggy home office that is filled with my live bugs, pinned insect collection, and lots of educational bug artifacts. I can cover all the same topics I did in person, plus the virtual format lends itself well to some new programs. Here are a few ideas of what I can offer you:

– Classes on all topics related to insect and arthropod biology.  Insects offer many opportunities to explore a wide variety of science topics: pollination, metamorphosis, decomposition, ecosystems, biological diversity, predator-prey relationships, animal defenses, evolution, conservation, and more.

– Live dissection of a preserved grasshopper. Learn about the anatomy and physiology of insects with a close up view of what’s inside one.

– Live arthropod model drawing sessions for artists and nature journalers.

– Question and answer sessions with Beetlelady. Got a child who has tons of questions about insects and spiders? Sign them up for an online session with Beetlelady. I can let their questions and curiosity guide what topics we cover.

– If you are interested in a topic and don’t see it here, contact Beetlelady to have a program developed for you.

All classes are adaptable for all grade levels, including adults.

Beetlelady wants to provide Bug Science for Everyone, contact Beetlelady to create a program that fits within your budget.

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