Beetlelady brings the museum to you!

Beetlelady’s Pop-Up Bug Museum is perfect for schools, libraries, community centers, and anyone wanting to turn their space into a bug exhibit.

You provide a room with tables and Beetlelady will transform it into a Pop-Up Bug Musuem.

The museum includes:

  • Displays of terrestrial arthropods from around the world
  • Live bug terrariums
  • Activities for all ages
  • Linked video content for further exploration during the exhibit and in the classroom

Cost for the Pop-Up Bug Museum is $300 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours up at your location. Set-up and take down time is included at no charge. Contact Beetlelady to book the Pop-Up Bug Museum.

QR Code Videos from the PUBM:


Insect Flight

Bird-Eater Tarantula

Simandoa Cave Cockroach

Nature Journaling