On-Site Class Reservations

Beetlelady offers classes on all topics related to insect and arthropod biology.  Insects offer many opportunities to explore a wide variety of science topics: pollination, metamorphosis, decomposition, ecosystems, biological diversity, predator-prey relationships, animal defenses, evolution, conservation, and more. If you are interested in a topic and don’t see it here, contact Beetlelady to have a program developed for you. All classes are adaptable for all levels, PreK – Adult.

All Beetlelady classes include travel to your site for San Francisco, the SF Peninsula, and San Jose. Contact Beetlelady to inquire about classes outside this area. All classes utilize live invertebrates, museum-quality displays, and hands-on activities. Classes available for ages Pre-K through adult.  All Beetlelady presentations address grade level CA State Board of Education Science Standards.

Preschooler Classes (Ages 2-5)

  • 90 minutes of bug time in your classroom. All Beetlelady preschooler classes include the following elements: Free Play (before and after class), an interactive Story Time, Live Bug time where kids get to meet real bugs up close, Movement Time where kids get to imagine they are bugs, a Bug Song, and Buggy Art where children can explore what they have just learned through creativity. $150

On-Site Classes (K-12)

  • 60 minute on-site Classes for up to 30 students $150

    • Additional presentation at the same location on the same day $120

  • 4 class series $520

  • 6 class series $720

  • 9 class series $990

  • 12 class series $1,200

  • Assembly Presentations for 30-75+ students. A 1 hour interactive presentation for children on arthropods, using an AV display, live specimens, and insect displays.  $275

Homeschool Classes, Private Classes, and After-school Programs

  • Classes for 4-8 students $20/hour per student

  • Classes for 9-12 students $15/hour per student

Birthday Parties

1 hour bug time at your party, including a 30 minute hands-on presentation with live bugs, museum-quality insect displays for your guests to explore, and a buggy activity station. Adaptable for all ages. All Beetlelady events include travel to your site for San Francisco, the SF Peninsula, and San Jose. Contact Beetlelady to inquire about events outside this area.

  • Up to 15 kids $300

  • Up to 20 kids $350


Beetlelady wants to provide Bug Science for Everyone, contact us to create a program that fits within your budget.

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